Head turner! 428 V8, manual, exacting reproduction, check it out!


Year: 1966
Make: Shelby
Model: Cobra
Mileage: 8,774
Stock #: 5126C
VIN #: MA32695
Trans: Manual
Color: Silver
Interior: Leather
Vehicle Type: Replica
State: CO
Drive Train: RWD
Engine: 428 cu in V8

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Louisville CO 80027

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1966 Shelby Cobra Vehicle Description

1966 Cobra replica manufactured by ERA in 2006. Call Daniel with Autosearch USA Loveland for more information about this vehicle at 720-495-3686.

If you want one of the nicest, ultra-beautiful, ultra-original looking, ultra-high quality, ultra-fast, ultra-fine driving1966 Cobra replicas ever made, you need look no further.

This 1966 Cobra replica was manufactured by master builders at Era Replica Automobiles (ERA) and has all options including Trigo knockoff wheels with Halibrand spinners; ERA’s improved rear suspension with outboard brakes; upgraded front brakes; wool carpet; leather seats with 4-point harnesses; coated exhaust and sidepipes (with safety shields); Richmond 5-speed transmission (1:1 5th), a full set of authentic Smiths gauges with reverse speedo; visors and wind wings; Le Mans gas cap (with inner safety cap), Lucas tri-bar headlights and correct t-handle pull on glove box.

Anyone familiar with replicas can attest to the fact that ERA manufactures some of the best driving, highest quality, most original looking Cobras made.

Under the hood it has a Danbury Competition Engines iron-block FE, a 428 displacing 446 cubic inches, aluminum Edelbrock Performance RPM top, MFI ignition, a Speed Demon carburetor and a full-breathing Cobra oval air intake. Builder dyno was over 450HP; carb change and other tweaks presently put it closer to 500. 7-quart baffled oil pan. Battery is era-correct Autolite replica.

How “original” looking is this car? From the tri-bars to the 15-inch wheels and Dunlop GT tires, the t-handle glove box, the Autolite battery, the old-school engine dress and more, it’s hard to tell this from an original production car if they are sitting next to each other! It is so “original” it took Best of Class at the 2010 Serrano Concours. All but the most sophisticated observer will have great difficulty trying to distinguish this car from a 1.5 million dollar original.

Absolutely fabulous ERA tuned-suspension ride, incredibly compliant over roads. No one wants to spend a lot of money on a Cobra replica only to end up with a car that has jarring and obnoxious street manners. Experienced drivers have roundly complimented this particular vehicle for its “drive all day” smoothness which loses nothing in hard corners.

Whether your desire is competitive track racing or taking a friend for an unforgettable ride around town, this car is at home in either environment. Get used to people smiling, waving and gawking at you on the street and asking if they can take pictures of your incredible 66’ Cobra replica.

Includes three binders of build, upgrade and maintenance documentation, front splitter, original-build Holley carb and “turkey pan,” fitted Wolf cover, floor mats and chrome Halon fire extinguisher.

California SB100 Note: This car has the extremely rare 500 vehicles/year California emission exempt status. Potential for status to transfer to new owner.


Why buy ERA #707?

1.      ERA produces what are considered to be among the finest original-engineering, original-design Cobra replicas made.

2.      #707 was built and finished by ERA (something of a rarity at the time, as most of their cars were shipped complete but unfinished, for owners to assemble, paint and complete). It was thus built by master builders, the very designers and makers of the components, and not by a secondary shop or home enthusiast of unknown skill.

3.      #707 was built, maintained and enhanced by its current (second) owner to be as authentic and original as possible. It was delivered by ERA in highly original form, but a long list of details were changed to make it resemble an original Cobra even on fairly close inspection.

4.      #707 took Best of Class in 2010 against a field of six Cobras that included a genuine “continuation” Shelby.

5.      One of the owners of ERA and builder of #707 was once briefly fooled into thinking it was an original – even the builder had to look close to see it was one of his!

6.      Cobra replicas span an enormous range of engineering, build and quality choices. While some are available in the $25-30k range and the median price for all Cobra replicas hovers around $45k, this is very much a “get what you pay for” field.

7.      If you seek only a “Cobra lookalike,” you have almost endless choice of owner-built models in the low $30k range. They will have considerably different engineering (suspension, brakes, chassis, and often driveline), and may have aspects like cockpit materials and dash layout that represent the builder’s whim or limitations but are nothing like an original. They look mostly like an original; they might even sound like an original (unless a radically different engine is installed, which is common). But they will not truly compare to an original in looks, ride, handling or indefinable panache.

8.      If you want an original Cobra, they often come up for sale – at $250-500k or even into the millions for cars with famous owner or race history.

9.      If what you really want is “a real one,” an “original,” something you can drive into the middle o of a crowd of knowledgeable enthusiasts and get genuine admiration instead of somewhat patronizing looks, but don’t want to write a six-figure check… you are into the $60-80k tier, of which none better represents authentic body details, authentic engineering (using nearly all the same pieces, from the same makers, as the originals), quality materials and master-class construction and finish than ERA.

10.  If you don’t mind modernized details such as low-profile tires, EFI engines, sound systems and air conditioning, there are models in this tier with all those features. #707 is not one of them.

11.  Again, if what you want is a Cobra, something within millimeters of being “a real one,” something so originally built and finished that even knowledgeable aficionados will pause to check… you want ERA 427SC #707. It has few equals even among its siblings.

12.  And if you live in California, #707 is California registration ready, having already received its SPCNS registration number. It can take months to get a non-compliant vehicle through this process, something to keep in mind if you are going to bring your car to California. The number of special registrations is also limited to 500 per year, a number once exhausted within the first week of January and now rarely available after May or June. Miss one of these slots, and you will wait until January to drive your Cobra. #707 can be driven to DMV when you buy it.

13.  For those seeking an investment and likely to resell this acquisition in a few years, keep in mind that Canada is an eager market for Cobra replicas… but they cannot (cost effectively) import anything less than 15 years old. #707 will be 15 years old around January of 2021, just a few enjoyable ownership years away. Buy now, drive to your heart’s content… and sell to a Canadian buyer when you’ve had enough.

14.  Investment? ERAs are among the few Cobra replicas that have steadily appreciated in value. Most lower-tier replicas slowly decline (both mechanically and financially); the elite tier of replicas above ERA’s level has stayed fairly flat, and the costly “continuation” Shelby-made cars tend to slightly decline from original sale price.

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